Timothy Pangan


The bear is the perfect fridge for overlanders like Tim, his 4runner TRD keeps the adventure exciting, but the bear will keep it fresh

Johnny Wu

Happy Camper

Thank you Johnny for visiting us and picking up a bear fridge, Hope you and your girlfriend have a fun camping trip!


founder of SoCal Outdoorsmen Group

David aka Sifu, has been providing so much support to us since the very begining of the bear brand. He and his fellow outdoorsmen are the root of the BEAR community and we are lucky to be part of the journey


socal outdoorsmen member

Cal wasted no-time coming to pick up his new 50L Explorer Bear. From Dallas to Long Beach to our Warehouse, we're ready to be a part of Cal's next adventure!


los angeles fire fighter

Chris was sharing his excitement with us about bringing his Explorer Bear on his Fire Truck for the team on those hot days in LA


ENERGETIC Furry Companion

our foodie furry pal will enjoy a BBQ before the promised adventure in the great outdoors


  • Offroad fun

  • Family fun